SEAGATE HDD EXOS 10E2400 2,5″ – 1200GB, SAS, 512e, ST1200MM0129

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Formát:3.5″; Rozhraní:SAS (Serial Attached SCSI); Kapacita pevného disku (v GB):1 200; Otáčky HDD:10000; Typ disku:HDD; Velikost bufferu (v MB):128

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Seagate Exos™ 10E2400 enterprise hard drives are the industry’s fastest 10K-RPM drives, with capacities up to 2.4 TB in a 2.5-inch form factor, and intended for traditional data centres where density, power consumption and data integrity are paramount.

Best-fit Applications

  • Mission-critical servers and external storage arrays
  • Database and online transaction process (OLTP) applications
  • Power- and space-constrained data centres
  • Green IT and drive-retirement cost reduction initiatives
  • Compliance and data security initiatives
  • Migration from 3.5 inch drive systems to next-generation technology
  • Cost-effective alternative to higherpriced performance solutions

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