TRUST stojan GXT 1150 Pacer Racing Seat Adapter

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GXT 1150 Pacer Racing Seat Adapter

Racing simulator adapter to transform any gaming/office chair into a full racing setup

  • Racing simulator adapter includes two sturdy bases with textured surface for steering wheel, pedals and gear shifter*
  • Quick and easy; simply attach the racing setup by removing 2 wheels from your chair
  • Compatible with virtually any office or gaming chair on wheels
  • Fully adjustable: steering wheel height and distance, and pedal angle and distance
  • Attach your gear shifter on either left or right side
  • Compatible with virtually any steering wheel, pedal set and gear shifter
  • Sturdy metal construction that can withstand any driving style
  • Space-saving design can easily be detached and stored
  • *Steering wheel, pedals and gear shifter not included


Accessories Screw set
Height of main product 770 mm
Widthof main product 550 mm
Depth of main product 1019 mm
Total weight 10000 g
Suitable surface carpet/laminate/parket/resin floors/floor tiles

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Hmotnost 13,5 kg
Rozměry 84 × 54 × 20 cm